Magento and PHP Web Development Based In Sacramento, CA

Magento and PHP Web Development Based In Sacramento, CA

Magento and PHP Web Development Based In Sacramento, CA



We have many years of experience doing web development and UI design that we can apply towards your project.


We are always just a phone call away during normal US business hours.


We are here to help you whether it is developing your project or providing maintenance on an existing one.


We have local, in-house developers to work on your project so you don't have to worry that your project will just get outsourced.


Foobl is a development agency based in Sacramento, CA with experience working on PHP websites. We have worked on WordPress, Magento, Laravel and custom websites for clients both big and small.

Foobl was started by Marshall Thornton in his home after moving back to Sacramento from San Diego. After doing freelance work for a few companies he decided to use his knowledge to create his own development team and Foobl was born. With his guidance, we have been able to provide the best service and development power to our clients to satisfy all their needs.

  • PHP
  • Magento
  • Laravel
  • WordPress
  • Responsive HTML/CSS

why choose us

    Finding experienced and good developers is tough, we can save you from that trouble. We have already screened our developers and made sure they know what they are doing so you get the best developers around.
    Developers are not cheap and hiring one full time can be expensive. We can help lower your costs by only using us when you need us. We can scale development hours up during your busier months and down when things are quiet so you are not wasting money.
    We don't want to just finish and project and leave you on your own, we want to be around if you have any questions and form a mutually beneficial relationship with your business. To that end, we will always try to reply as soon as possible to any questions you may have so that you feel well taken care of.
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Need a new website created? Great! We can help flush out your idea, select the right framework or software to start with and build it into a fully functioning website. We will work with you every step of the way to make sure the website you get is the one you wanted.

Have a website already and just need someone to help maintain it? That is great too! We have experience working on all types of frameworks and websites and can handle maintaining your website to keep it running smoothly. We can also give suggestions on improvements to increase your website's visibility and usability to get more traffic.

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Magento is the leading eCommerce solution and also a hugely complex piece of software. Since it has so many integrations and features right out of the box, it can be somewhat daunting for a new user to pick up and use it. Many often feel overwhelmed or don't understand how to use it correctly and quickly end up with a non-working mess of a website. That is where we come in. We can help get your Magento website working again and provide you with training so that you can better understand how to navigate its features.

We also do Magento development in case Magento does not have a specific feature you are looking for. We can help you install a plugin, apply patches or even create a custom plugin of your own to provide functionality no other store has.

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If you want to make sure your website is up to date and following all the latest ADA/PCI compliance specifications, we can help. We can perform a full or partial audit of your website and provide a report of current compliance along with recommended steps to fix any compliance issues found.

We can also audit the backend code to ensure all the latest security precautions are in place. This big three we check for are bad queries that allow SQL injection, XSS vulnerabilities and CSRF form protection. We will provide a full report on any vulnerability found, whether it is one of the big three or any other vulnerability out there, along with recommended steps to fix them so you can be sure your site is secure.

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This service is something often overlooked by website owners but is crucial to getting traffic and sales. Loading time has been shown to have a huge impact on user satisfaction and traffic to a website. Even a half second delay could cause a large drop off in traffic which means lost potential sales to you.

We can help ensure your server is running for optimal speed to decrease the time it takes to get your website to the visitor. We can optimize current software configurations, update the software to the current version and help install additional software to improve website speed like Varnish. We are also experienced with migrating to the cloud and can help get you an optimized, auto-scaling setup on AWS.

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